How to travel to Norway and Oslo

By air

To Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)

Oslo may be reached from all continents with direct flights or via Copenhagen, with departures for Oslo every hour. Oslo Airport Gardermoen is one of the most modern airports in Europe and is situated 50 km from the city centre. The airlines offer individual service to passengers with reduced mobility and special needs. Please indicate your needs when you make your flight reservation. If you use a wheelchair, please note that a wheelchair powered by a spillable battery has to be sent as cargo. Your local airline booking office will provide more information.

Airlines with frequent flights to Oslo Airport Gardermoen:

  • SAS
  • Norwegian
  • Lufthansa
  • British Airways
  • Air France
  • KLM

The Airport Express Train, Flytoget, takes you from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Oslo Central Station in 19 minutes. The fares are NOK 170 to Oslo Central Station one way. The Airport Express Train is accessible and can hold between three and six wheelchair users on each departure.

InterCity, Express and Local Trains that run via Oslo Airport Gardermoen take you to Oslo Central Station in 25-40 minutes. The fares are approximately NOK 75 to Oslo Central Station one way. These trains are less accessible to wheelchair users.

Airport Express Bus, Flybussexpressen, takes you directly to Oslo. The fares are about NOK 180 one way. The busses are not accessible to wheelchair users.

Airport Taxis take you to and from Oslo Airport Gardermoen at fixed prices. On arrival, please contact the taxi information desk in the arrival hall. The fixed prices vary from approximately NOK 660 (weekdays before 5 p.m.) to NOK 775 (weekends and weekdays after 5 p.m.) for one to four passengers. Taxis accessible to wheelchair users are available. If you require an accessible taxi, we strongly recommend that you book in advance, phone + 47 23 23 23 23.

To Moss Airport Rygge (RYG)

Moss Airport Rygge is centrally located in south-eastern Norway, less than an hour from Oslo City Centre. With a new terminal building, infrastructure, parking area and runway, this airport is personally organized to offer a wide spectrum of national and international scheduled routes and charter traffic. Airlines with frequent flights to Moss Airport Rygge:

  • Ryanair

To Sandefjord Airport Torp (TRF)

Sandefjord Airport Torp is located 110 km from Oslo and can be reached via Copenhagen and Stockholm, but also directly from some other European cities. Airlines with frequent flights to Sandefjord Airport Torp:

  • Ryanair

The Torp Express bus service to Oslo (Torp Ekspressen) corresponds with Ryanair’s Torp – London, Glasgow and Frankfurt Hahn flights. The service is open to all passengers travelling to and from Torp, but has a limited number of daily departures. The fare is approximately NOK 120 one way. The buses are not accessible to wheelchair users. The Telemark Express (Telemarkekspressen) runs a coach service that stops at Sandefjord Airport Torp and at the railway station in Sandefjord (8 km from the airport) and corresponds with trains to Oslo. The trip takes about 17 minutes from the airport to the railway station with daily departures from the airport 10 minutes past every hour Monday to Friday (reduced service at weekends). The fare is approximately NOK 35 one way. The buses are not accessible to wheelchair users.

Taxis provide easy and expedient transportation from Sandefjord Airport Torp to the railway station in Sandefjord. The trip takes 10 minutes and the fare is approx. NOK 150. The taxis are not accessible to wheelchair users.

By sea

Comfortable and pleasant overnight cruises on car/passenger ferries to Oslo from Kiel (Germany) and Copenhagen and Fredrikshavn (Denmark). For more information, please visit Color Line, Stena Line or DFDS Seaways.

By train

Modern, clean and comfortable trains link Oslo to other Scandinavian cities. Norwegian National Rail (NSB) takes you from Gothenburg to Oslo and Swedish Rail (SJ) takes you from Malmö and Stockholm to Oslo.