General information


English is the official language of the conference.


Weather forecast for Oslo,click here. 

Credit Cards

Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard, Diners and American Express are widely accepted in shops and restaurants.


ATM`s can be found outside most banks, at the airport and at most train stations. Check with your home bank for service charges before leaving


Norway uses Norwegian kroner, NOK. As for the denominations of the currency, there are 1000 NOK, 500 NOK, 200 NOK, 100 NOK and 50 NOK notes, and 20 NOK, 10 NOK, 5 NOK and 1 NOK coins.

Currency exhange

Currency exhange may be done in all banks and post offices in Oslo. Opening hours for most banks are 08.30-15.30 Monday through Friday. Most post offices are open 09.00-17.00 Monday through Friday and 09.00-13.00 on Saturdays. You can also exchange monay at The Tourist Information by the City Hall, The Tourist Information at Trafikanten and FOREX.